Requirements: dive records from your local dive center
minimum age of 10
Time: 4-5 hours/2 days
Diver Medical: download

Private Courses (one on one) $1199/person

Semi-private (two persons only) $698/person

Open Water Diver
Open Water Referral Dives


Referral Dives - $349


Our referral course is completed by doing two shore dives on the first day, followed by two boat dives on the second!

This option is ideal for vacationers, especially the over-achievers. A referral class works as follows: You begin your open water diver class training at home, completing the academics and confined water portions of the class at your local dive center. Then you come to Maui and dive dive dive!

By the time you get here, you will only need to complete your four open water dives, so it's into the ocean we go…immediately! A referral class is completed in 2 mornings, leaving the rest of your vacation free to dive some more!

On the first day, we meet at the shop at 7:00 and finish up around noon. On the second day, we meet at the boat at 6:15 and often finish that day around 2:00. You must bring the referral forms from your original instructor, your medical release if required, your logbook, towel, and water. 

The cost of this class is $349 and includes rental gear, two days of diving,  and a heck of a lot of fun!


FAQs & Reminders

My friend is already certified. Can they come with me on this class? 

On the first day of your class, they could  do a guided beach dive at the same location where your certification takes place. On the second day, they can sign up for a boat trip and they will dive with their guide while you complete your class with your instructor. 

However, if your certified freind really does want to come along and watch you complete your class, the answer is yes, they can join you for the same cost as you.



  • Meet at the shop on the first day at 7:00 AM
  • Meet at the boat on the second day at time designated by instructor.
  • Bring your referral forms from your original instructor
  • Bring your signed Diver Medical (if required)
  • Bring your logbook
  • Bring your Recreational Dive Planner
  • Bring a towel and water (for drinking).
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from shop and dive sites.
  • Be prepared to have fun!!!!
  • 48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy


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