Requirements: Advanced Open Water Cert. Card
EFR certification or equivalent

Private Classes: Request a quote.  Prices vary based on Covid-19 limitations and other factors.

Minimum age: 12
Time: 3 days/4-8 hours per day (see schedule below)
Diver Medical: download


Rescue Diver - $399

(Includes Oxygen Provider Certification too!)

Rescue Diver (plus EFR) - add $100

This is a great class for all divers to take. The prerequisites mandate that you must be a certified Advanced Open Water Diver before continuing to this level. The safety skills and training you gain during this class will make you highly desired as a dive buddy, that's for sure! To complete the requirements for this course, you must also have completed the PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) course, or other sanctioned CPR and First Aid class within the past two years. You must complete your CPR training before the Rescue Diver class begins (and we do offer a class format that includes this training).

Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver

This class will mentally and physically prepare you to handle emergency situations that may occur at the surface or under the water. First though, you will learn how to prevent possible dive emergencies.

During your Rescue course, you will also learn how to recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen, properly set up equipment, and administer emergency oxygen, thereby earning the Emergency Oxygen Provider certification too!

It takes three days to complete this class and the minimum age requirement is 12. 

The cost of the class includes all rental gear, books, lessons, dives, and your Rescue Diver and Emergency Oxygen Provider certification cards.

Day 1: Complete EFR, Emergency Oxygen training, and Rescue Diver exam. Class duration is typically from 8-4 with a lunch break.

Day 2: Skills training, practice, and scenarios in the ocean.  Typical duration is 7-noon.

Day 3: Final scenarios accomplished in the ocean and then return to shop to complete certification. This day usually runs from 7-10 but can go longer if there are items from Day 2 that need to be completed or practiced again.

The above listed schedule is a general outline.  Times vary based on student skill level, weather, etc.


  • Read and complete the Continuing Education Document
  • Read and sign the Student Agreement
  • Signed Diver Medical (if required)
  • Read the entire Rescue Diver manual and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter
  • Read the entire PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual and complete the knowledge review
  • If you already have current (issued within the past two years) First Aid/CPR certifications, bring those cards.
  • Bring your Advanced Open Water certification card.
  • Bring all of your materials to class each day.
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from shop and dive sites.
  • Be prepared to have fun!!!!
  • 48 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy