Prerequisite: Open Water Certification, Minimum Age 10
Cost: $199 ($125 if you've already done a PPB Adventure Dive).
Time: 8 hours
Diver Medical: download


Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty - $199

Learn to glide over the reef like a manta ray!
Approach underwater life as though you're supposed to be there -- they won't run away!
And we haven't even told you about the best part: use less air and even less energy!

Buoyancy skills separate the good divers from the great divers. In the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course, you will learn to precisely weight yourself for optimum control, poise and balance. You learn to ascend and descend so effortlessly, it seems like you only think about it and it happens. By mastering streamlining, you move through the water cleanly, efficiently and gracefully. You swim near fragile environments without harm to them or yourself.

Also: this course involves hula hoops... but not like you'd usually use them! Ask us for more details.


  • 2 Tank Shore Dive
  • Use of any gear you need
  • Briefing & Instruction
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Certification Card

Students must provide their own Adventures in Diving textbook. This is available for purchase from Maui Dreams Dive Co. for a minimal fee.


  • Meet at the shop at 7:00 AM.
  • Read and fill out the entire Student Record File Folder.
  • Read and sign the Student Agreement.
  • Signed Diver Medical (if required).
  • Read the Peak Performancy Buoyancy chapter in the Adventures in Diving book and complete the knowledge reviews.
  • Bring all of your materials to class.
  • Divers must provide their own transportation to and from shop and dive sites.
  • Be prepared to have fun!!!
  • 48 hour Cancellation/Reschedule Policy.